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Contact BB Cloth Diapers Winnipeg

If you would like to arrange to pick up your diapers in Winnipeg we are located at 800 Wolsely Ave, Winnipeg, MB Canada.

If you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to ask
Phone: 204-330-3148
E-mail: [email protected]

About Us

I started this business with my mom in 2008 while sewing my daughters diapers together at her dining room table. When we started we decided to call the company Canada's Diaper Ladies, horrible name! I don't know what we were thinking but we clearly didn't spend much time on the name. I hate the name which is why I changed it to BB Cloth Diapers a few years ago.
Following my fathers passing in 2013 my mom quit the business and moved to Toronto.
I kept it going for a few reasons.
The first was that I strongly believed and still do that cloth diapers are a great option.
The second was that I truly believe in the product we created together. A lot of modern cloth diapers are expensive, bulky, shitty to wash (pun intended) and are just way more complex than they need to be.
We created a simple, 100% cotton, one size, affordable, straight forward, trim fitting cloth diapering system where everything needed to diaper a baby all the way from birth to potty came in one 36 diaper kit.
We wanted to make it as cheap and easy as possible for parents to choose cloth over disposables.
The other reason I kept on with the business was the customers! I've been lucky enough to deliver the diapers to a number of our local customers here in Winnipeg and I love them, they're awesome. It's an honor when a new mom trusts me and my diapers over all of the other diapers and cloth diaper companies out there.

Why I'm Quitting

It was a really tough decision. I believe in cloth diapers and the future viability of the product (though I hate where I see the industry going), I believe in the BB/Boobles Bottoms diapers and I have nothing but love and gratitude for the customers. This is why I finally decided to sell off the last BB's and quit:

Looking For Good Homes

As I mentioned earlier these last kits are looking for good homes and as I have become increasingly sentimental where this business is concerned I am also placing some conditions on WHO can purchase them.