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36 cloth diaper kit

Cloth Diapers shouldn't be complicated.

This is the ultimate cloth diaper package with everything you need to take your baby from birth to potty in one affordable kit!

We've thought of everything so you don't have to.


Kit quantities are limited. If you want one order now!

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  • birth to potty 36 diaper kit
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Why BB Cloth Diapers

Trim Fit, Easy clean up, Easy to Size, Easy to wash, Affordable, Super durable, Canadian Made

  • Most trim fitting one size diaper. In the cloth diaper world, bulkiness is a huge and often overlooked issue. BB cloth diapers are trim fitting from birth to potty
  • Much more affordable than most cloth diapers, a full birth to potty 36 diaper kit is only $350 Canadian!
  • Made in Canada
  • BB's are 100% cotton with a detached cover making them extremely easy to wash, very durable and trim fitting
  • Super easy to size and really do give a great fit from birth to potty

What Makes BB's Different From Most Other Cloth Diapers

  • They are a two piece system requiring a diaper and waterproof cover. Many assume this will be more work compared to an all in one cloth diaper when in reality it is not. Two separate pieces mean easier and more flexible washing instructions as well as shorter drying times.
  • They have no elastic in the legs or waist. This helps to give that nice trim fit from birth to potty.
  • They use velcro closures instead of snaps to provide a better fit and are much easier to get on a moving baby.

Sizing BB One Size Fits ALL Cloth Diapers

The sizing demo starts at 1:21 in the video below